Monday, 8 November 2010

The Itch….

Some people are born to be astronauts, scientists or teachers.

I was born to be a traveler.

Hello everyone! My name is Priyanka and I am a thwarter traveler.

I have been not allowed to make my dream come true due to a problem of cosmic proportion – myself

When I was young all I wanted to be was Indiana Jones. While other kids looked at Boris Becker or Sunita Williams, I wanted to sashay over to Nepal and taste the pine scented air in my lungs and drink butter tea, while twirling my whip around and rescuing damsels (or in my case knights) in distress.

However life caught me unawares and a 6 year college education, 5 years of work and 4 years of marriage and 1 year of bliss with my beautiful bonny little son all made my travel dreams something to be postponed for time indefinite. I always had an excuse – when I have more money, when I settle down career wise, when my baby is older.

But now as I sit on the cusp of being 3 decades old and look at my friends pictures and statuses all over the world, I wonder when am I gonna get there and see their homes or stare at that scene on their car trip.

It suddenly dawned upon me that the only person stopping me was I! I was either scared or just happy to dwell in dreams unfulfilled rather than face a few knocks.

And I thought to myself – will I be sitting down staring hungrily at national geographic pictures in another 3 decades as well?

Frustration and unfulfilled dreams are not what I want my epitaph to read!

So now I will set forth where no man has landed before (theoretically)…misty Bhutan, freezing Lochs, emerald Sri Lanka …here I come.

All I want from you is a decent place to rest my head, new friends (oh I pray so!) and to assimilate your language and culture.

All in all I want to come there to become myself. Can I?