Monday, 25 October 2010

Motherhood:A constant guilt trip...

I truly used to believe that all the mothers who used to spend hours talking gibberish to their 4 month old babies on the phone while also typing out a corporate report were slightly maniacal...until i had my own baby a year ago...

suddenly i tune off writing an email with profound thoughts of diaper rashes and baby formula techniques..proceeding to then check it out with the worlds best childcare expert - Google!

Most women when asked to describe the condition of motherhood would say bliss or profound happiness..I would sum it up in one word- sheer unadulterated guilt!

all mums whether working or stay at home face the same old symptoms..while at work i wonder whether he wil be emotionally devastated sans mommy at home. when at home i desperately try to spend as much time with him to make up..and proceed to bore him with 'developmental games' and 'sing alongs' till he wants to stuff that rubik cube down the nearest drain or my throat (nyone who has to hear me warbling soon wants to throw up)!.

sometimes i chase him around the house pleading with him to play blocks with me (ensure motor eye coordination as per the box) as he toddles away as fast as his chubby legs can take him away from his maniacal mommy

i realized that guilt is a purely mom centric thing the other day when i saw my husband spend time with him playing and then calmly fix football game appointments or watch his fav tv shows post work..the only way i let myself out solo now is when im threatened with a axe and pried away from home with a crowbar!

so iv decided to be a cool and calm mommy..join that arabic/french class i wanna join..go out for romantic dates with hubby n keep friends by not talking about baby eczema..

now i can start all this as soon as i finish googling for 'cure to baby eczema'.....

urs guiltingly pp

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  1. hehehe...good one bloggergal...but dont fret coz most working mums go through this phase...your next post can be in arabic!!