Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Firstimer Blogger!

My first blog!! It took 3 friends to chat incomprehensibly about 'how they were reading blogs on certain google readers' etc to for me to blurt out to them saying what in the world were they talking about (this coming from someone who spent 4 years in an engineering college - albeit having spent most of those 1460 days bunking class n travelling 30km during class hrs to eat a pastry in our fav cakeshop!)

nyways being the true MBA grad i googled "how to blog" and copy pasted the instructions exactly as specified and created it n m now a superblogger who will revenge herself on her pals by throwing in blogtechnics in my conversations :)!

well my pals have super blogs on origami, cordon bleu cuisine, intelligent ripostes on current affairs and editorials so i thought id make mine all about world peace and metaphysics..........

but the thing is im too hottempered for the former and too lazy to google the my blog will be all about my life here in dubai and the quirks n craziness that encompasses my oh so wunderbar life!

till the next time then buddies - cheerio n pippip


  1. Hi! Welcome to the world of blogging!! I am sure you will come to "rule the roost" with your witty posts. :) All the very best to you and here's hoping to hear from you regularly...

  2. welcome!! welcome!! Now you are all set to "take revenge" on us. LOL! Hope to hear from you regularly :)

  3. btw..ajay dint like you saying "googled" all the time :D (he works for Live Search at Microsoft ;) )

  4. hey hey heyy..nice work there first time blogger.... love the witty style....keep em coming!!!